How can I customize the number of rows and columns?

You can do this in the Preferences window. Clicking the wheel icon in the top right corner of the Pasta window, choose Preferences (⌘,), you'll see two text fields labeled "Rows" and "Columns".

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts ⌘+ and ⌘- to add or remove rows or ⌘⌥+ and ⌘⌥- to add or remove columns.

How does Pasta handle passwords?

When you copy sensitive information in apps like 1Password, Keychain Access, Pasta will do a couple of things differently than with regular clippings. It will obfuscate these clippings on-screen so people around you can't read them. It will encrypt it when saving it to the hard drive so they are as secure as they were in the apps you copied them from.

You can temporarily de-obfuscate passwords by holding the option ⌥ key on your keyboard.

If you prefer Pasta not to manage your sensitive clippings, you can turn on the "Ignore passwords" feature in the Preferences window.

Can Pasta paste directly into other apps?

Yes. However, it cannot do it out of the box because apps submitted to the Mac App Store are not allowed to control other applications in that way. To enable pasting, we made a little helper app that runs in the background and can be downloaded here. To install the helper app, simply launch the installer and follow the instructions.

How can I keep the Pasta window from hiding?

To prevent Pasta window from hiding, you can "anchor de window" by using the anchor icon on the top right corner of the window. To allow it to hide again, just click the anchor icon again.

How do I quickly select and copy/paste a clipping?

In addition to just double-clicking the clipping, Pasta offers a couple more ways to do this just using the keyboard:

  1. With the Pasta window hidden, press the global shortcut (⌘⌥V by default) and, without letting go of the modifier keys (command and option in this case), press the remainder key of the shortcut (in this case the V key) repeatedly until the clipping you want is selected. Now let go of all the keys. Voilà!
  2. With the Pasta window in front, hold the command key. You'll see a little shortcut appears at the bottom right corner of the first 9 clippings. Press the number. That's it!
  3. With the Pasta window visible, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the clipping you'd like and then hit the Enter key.

What are some common keyboard shortcuts?